Community Outreach

Community Dialogue

NEETNY’s goal is to establish and maintain a dialogue with the community throughout the project development process. We will work to:

  • Establish a cooperative relationship with the community
  • Listen to community members, elected and appointed officials; civic associations; environmental groups and other community organizations, as well as members of the public
  • Share information
  • Work to ensure our proposal fits the interests and priorities of the community
  • As long-term owner and operator, maintain an ongoing relationship with the community long after our project is completed

Communication on our projects
NEETNY is always interested in learning more about people’s interests and priorities as they relate to our project. Our goal is to seek the public’s input into planning of the  new transmission capacity and then to share ongoing information on project status and ensure public health and safety as work proceeds.  

Community outreach for this project is planned through several methods: 

  • This web site will be periodically updated to provide the latest information on the project status.
  • Interested parties can email any questions or thoughts to or call us at 518-409-4159.