Project Benefits

In 2012, Governor Andrew Cuomo introduced the Energy Highway Initiative, which is designed to ensure that New York’s energy grid is the most advanced in the nation and promotes increased business investment in the state. The Public Service Commission (PSC) initiated a proceeding to examine upgrades in two main corridors between Upstate New York and Southeast New York. The PSC called for proposals to increase transfer capacity through the congested corridors.


Energy Highway Benefits

  • Reduce bottlenecks on the flow of electricity within New York State by enabling the flow of an additional 1,000 megawatts of electricity
  • Promote economic development, job creation and investment in New York State
  • Expand diversity of downstate power generation
  • Enhance reliability of the electric system
  • Encourage development of renewable generation
  • Increase efficiency and flexibility of power generation
  • Replace aging infrastructure

Additional Benefits Expected from NEETNY’s proposal

  • More cost effective than other comparable proposals
  • Innovative technologies
  • Earlier project in-service dates than other alternatives proposed
  • Reduced environmental and community impacts
  • Long-term benefits to New York State resulting from competition
  • Company’s ability to fund construction limits ratepayer risk
  • Upgrade aging infrastructure and harden the system