Project Overview

Our Proposal

In 2013, NEETNY submitted an application to the PSC to develop, construct, own, and operate a new transmission link from Marcy/Edic to Pleasant Valley that will increase power transfer capability from upstate to downstate, relieve power bottlenecks, lower prices, enable renewable generation, and minimize environmental impacts by using existing transmission line or state-owned corridors, to the extent possible.

In January 2015, in response to new criteria set forth by the PSC, NEETNY proposed five alternative routes for the project that incorporated the state’s policy preference for containing transmission projects within existing rights-of-way or buried along existing state-owned rights-of-way in order to minimize impacts on local communities and the environment.

The PSC evaluated these routes, as well as projects submitted by other developers, against the following criteria:

  • the amount of increased transfer capability of each project;
  • the cost of the proposal for ratepayers;
  • electric system impacts, emissions reductions, and production cost impacts;
  • the extent that access be required to additional rights-of-way to build and operate needed facilities;
  • the use of innovative technologies to enhance transfer capability or reduce the physical footprint of the project; and,
  • an assessment of environmental capability, including visual impacts.

In September 2015, the Department of Public Service Staff recommended to the PSC that two revised NEETNY projects should advance to the New York Independent System Operator for further evaluation. The first includes construction of a new transmission line from Edic/Marcy to New Scotland on existing rights-of-way and construction of two new transmission lines from Princeton to Rotterdam, also on existing rights-of-way. The second project involves construction of a transmission line from Knickerbocker to Churchtown, and from Churchtown to Pleasant Valley, all on existing rights-of-way, along with substation work at Greenbush, Knickerbocker, Churchtown and Pleasant Valley.

NEETNY intends to continue working with elected officials, residents, environmental organizations, business groups and state representatives as the PSC and NYISO continue their efforts to improve the state’s energy infrastructure.