New York Renewable Connect

About the Projects

NextEra Energy Transmission New York (NEETNY), a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Transmission, LLC, is dedicated to strengthening and modernizing New York’s electrical grid to lead a clean energy transformation. NEETNY has submitted a number of proposals, collectively called the NY Renewable Connect, to the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO), focused on improving the grid on Long Island. The NY Renewable Connect offers New York multiple solutions that maximize wind utilization and reduce carbon emissions to support New York’s nation-leading clean energy goals.

NEETNY’s flexible solutions limit the cost of offshore wind connections, providing a cost-effective approach to integrating offshore wind, while protecting ratepayers and providing the NYISO additional optionality and expandability through transmission infrastructure designed to meet the State’s future energy needs.



The NY Renewable Connect offers the best options for New York to deliver over 13,000 MW of offshore wind power—exceeding the State’s goal of 9,000 MW by 2035. NEETNY’s proposals offer the NYISO greater ability to import offshore wind (up to 1,500 MW more than competing proposals*) and export more power from Long Island to the rest of New York State (up to 2,300 MW than competing proposals*).

All proposals utilize the latest available technology which provides multiple benefits including: 

  • Better electrical performance
  • Flexible transmission solutions
  • More cost-effective solution

Connecting offshore wind to Long Island and New York City is an essential piece of New York State’s goal to achieve 9,000 MW renewable energy from offshore wind by 2035 and a zero-emission grid by 2040.

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We’re dedicated to strengthening the grid in New York. Our projects ensure that clean energy is available when & where it is needed.

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New York must plug into clean energy – fast. Our proposals allow for greater emissions reductions to help meet CLCPA goals.

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A Real Plan for Real Zero

NextEra Energy has a plan to lead the decarbonization of America.


*Based on NEETNY’s review of all proposals submitted to NYISO