New York State Public Service Commission (NY PSC)

If any competitor, whether an Affiliated or non-affiliated company, or customer of NEETNY believes that NEETNY has acted in violation of this Code, such competitor or customer may provide NEETNY with a written notice of the complaint. NEETNY will respond to any such complaint within twenty (20) business day after receipt of the complaint.

Within fifteen (15) business days after responding to such complaint, the parties will meet, if necessary, in an attempt to resolve the matter informally. If the parties are not successful in resolving the matter informally, then the complainant may refer the matter to the Commission for disposition. This provision shall not preclude the Commission from addressing any such matter more expeditiously in the event that exigent circumstances so require.

This dispute resolution process will also be posted on NEETNY’s website.

Relevant NY PSC Filings and Orders

Updated June 17, 2022